Open Invitation!
If you are an Organisation, Artist or Singer within following criteria here below we invite plus, searching collabs.

You can use the form bellow and send in your interest.

You need to be an active and verified artist. Be very serious before you send in anything to us.

Here are some of the many ongoing music project we seek collabs for at the moment.
You can also suggest anyone, but then you need to provide correct contact information and a confirmed interest. 

Young Health (frame of age 13 - 20)
Searching collab with;
-Organisations within any of this field conserning young people (International or Scandinavien)

Middle East Project
Searching collab in;
- Musicproducer (Any Country/Region)
- SingerSongwriter (From Middle East)

Donation Project Africa
Searching collab in;
- SingerSongwriter (From Uganda)


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